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Copier RFP

Copier Bid Evaluation is complete.  Winning Bidder - Toshiba.

Link to Evaluation Committee Members.

Link to Bid Evaluation Summary Totals.

Individual Bid Evaluation Matrix Results.

Verifying that we received sealed bids (as confirmed by Jeremy Simpson, Peggy Bryant, and Dess Kerby) at the Estill County Board of Education.  Once bids have been tabulated, information will be presented on the district website.

Below are the verified vendors who submitted bids (in alphabetical order):

  • Commonwealth Copy
  • Integrity One Technologies
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  • Ricoh
  • Toshiba

Note to ALL VENDORS:  You will need both downloads below to submit your RFP to the district.

  1. Click here to view the PDF version of the Estill County District Wide Copier Request for Proposals.
  2. Click here to downlad a copy of the Appendix information Excel Spreadsheet that is an additional requirement for every proposal
  • The additional Excel Spreadsheet (download 2 above) MUST either be submitted in your official sealed submission bid packet by printed media or non-returnable thumbdrive, or you may email it (ONLY the Excel spreadsheet - per the instructions in the official RFP) and will receive reply confirmation from as proof of submission of the spreadsheet.


Q&A - Copier RFP

  1. How many students and staff members does Estill Co. currently have?
    • 385 Staff
    • 2378 Students
  2. The RFP stated that Estill Co. wanted to use RF Ideas card readers for copier authentication.  Can you please share the current make and model of your proximity badges to make sure the correct RF Ideas reader is selected?  Also, will PIN codes need to be configured for those users without a badge, such as students or aid workers?
    • We do not currently have any badges at any school, other than West Irvine Intermediate.  With the implementation of the copiers, we will begin distribution of RFID Badges to all staff to use with the copiers, and eventually security door mechanisms.  At West Irvine, the current badges do work with our current copiers, which utilize an “Elatec – TWN3 HID Prox USB”,  V3.03d/4.12.03TH.  The cards are 26bit Wiegand cards.  West Irvine has existing DMP security. It has a Wiegand interface module that will transmit any brand reader as long as it has a Wiegand output.
    • Yes, PIN codes will need to be configured for those users without badges.
  3. The RFP mentioned mobile printing capabilities, is there anything outside of Windows, iOS, Chromebook or Android that you’re considering to enable?  Print to email could also be configured so basically any device with email access could theoretically print to the PaperCut secure follow-me print queue.
    • No, Windows, iOS, Chromebook, and Android would be the only mobile printing compatibilities that we need.
  4. The RFP also mentioned cloud printing, is this specifically in regards to Google Print Cloud?  If not, what application other than GCP are you looking to print from?
    • Correct, this is in regards to Google Print Could only.
  5. How many print servers are currently in use?
    • 1 Print Server
  6. Do all users authenticate with AD credentials to all district provided workstations?
    • Yes, we authenticate with AD Credentials to all district provided workstations.  Google Chromebooks authenticate via Microsoft Azure.
  7. Does the district have any MAC computers they wish to track usage from?
    • Only 1-2 Mac computers would require tracking.
  8. Does the district wish to implement any print rules within PaperCut?
    • Yes, we will implement several print rules within PaperCut (these rules will need to be established).
  9. Does the district have any owned network printers they would like to track printing to with PaperCut?
    • Yes, one copier at the high school that is district owned for the high school band program. ​​​​​​
  10. Based on the fact you have card readers in place at West Irvine Intermediate, does this mean you have PaperCut in place there today too?  Or do those card readers utilize a different software on the Toshiba's for authentication?
    • Yes, we have PaperCut (V. 14.2) at West Irvine, but it has not been upgraded in about 2 years.
  11. I definitely think you will want to take that license and expand it for this RFP.  It will save you some $ for sure especially if support under the license is still current.  Can you please provide the license file?
    • Please email to have a copy of the license file sent to you.
  12. Is PaperCut installed on your primary print server?  Or on a separate application server?  What OS is it installed on?  We will want to upgrade it to v17 for the mobility print options and then just get a new license to meet your criteria of 3,000 Users & 21 device licenses.
    • It is installed on a server at West Irvine, but with the implementation of a district wide PaperCut, it would be moved to our 1 main print server.  It will be installed on Windows Server 2016.
  13. In 4.4 you state the district will pay for 350,000 copies per month which equals 4,2000,000 per year, but on   the RFP on the  Request for proposal section under # copies included per month you have 450,000 copies.  Which number should we use in the RFP response?
    • Please use 350,000 for the RFP.  That is an error and will be corrected.  You’ll be able to download an updated version by 4PM (5/8/2017).
  14. On the Request for proposal section you have the pages per minute that give speeds of the copiers.  This is different from the 6.2 Appendix which list current equipment.  Which of these should I use to respond to the RFP?
    • Appendix 2, 6.2 is what we currently have.  It was simply given as reference.  For the RFP you submit, please use the speeds listed in Appendix 1, section 6.1.
  15. The current fleet only has 5 color copiers.  On the request for proposal it has 7 color copiers.  Would it be correct to proposed 7 color copiers?
    • You would be correct to propose 7 Color Copiers, per Appendix 1, Section 6.1 guidelines.
  16. Comment:  I would probably specify your card reader to be the TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE from Elatec.  It is probably the most flexible in terms of what it can do.
  17. In the RFP attachment with the equipment PPM.  Would Estill County allow an 80 page per minute device opposed to the 85 page per minute unit?  This could save the District on costs without sacrificing production or efficiency.
    • Yes, we would.  The PPM on the RFP are just the suggested speeds.  It will be up to each vendor to submit what device they have that will be as close a match.
  18. Do you know the total number of named users supported by the existing PaperCut license at West Irvine?
    • Approximately 62
  19. Was a Maintenance and Support contract purchased with this existing PaperCut product?  Is the M&S still active?
    • Yes, M&S was purchased, but only for 1 year.  No, it is not still active.  The RFP states that M&S will be required for the new contract for the entire duration of the contract.
  20. Several requirements for information state that the Awarded Vendor agrees to provide XYZ.  Are you requiring participants to provide this in our bid response or simply agree that we will provide this if we are the winning bidder?  


    -Vendor must supply background checks for employees that will be entering the school buildingsWinning -Bidder will provide proof of liability and workmen’s compensation insurance with minimum requirements
    • Except for the requirements in Appendix 3 & 4, the background checks and proof of liability mentioned above would only need to be provided by the winning bidder.

  21. Where will we need to ship the current Toshiba equipment? Can we use a 3rd party shipping company or do we have to go through Toshiba?

    • Current Toshiba equipment that we have would need to be returned to Toshiba.  Yes, a 3rd party shipping company may be used (you do NOT have to go through Toshiba), however the winning bidder accepts responsibility for getting the current equipment shipped back, as well as any insurance cost to secure the shipment, as stated in the RFP.

  22. What is the make and model of the copier at the high school band program that will be added to the papercut solution? Does this copier need to be included in the push print solution that requires an RFID?

    • Savin 8035
    • No, it does not need to be required as part of the RFID solution.  Also, please note it belongs to the school, permanently, and will not be part of any return shipping.
  23. What type of RFID badge is being considered at implementation, Wiegand, HID Prox, iClass, etc.?
    • As mentioned in another Q/A question, the cards are Wiegand cards, however it is possible that HID Prox may be used.

  24. Will students require a Papercut license for printing or will you allow them to print using an alternate method, i.e. library pay when printing?  Who will be using mobile devices for printing: teachers, admin/staff and are you allowing for guest printing?

    • Yes, students will need to be able to print through papercut.
    • We do not plan on allowing guest printing.
    • Mobile devices will be used by students, teachers, and admin/staff.
  25. I'm showing your license contains the following items:
    • * 500 educational users (We will quote this to add 2,500 users)
    • * 3 toshiba licenses (we will quote an additional 18 of our licenses)
    • * 5 Boscop VCC  How are these being used today?
    • These are for the Elatec RFID readers on the Toshiba Copiers at West Irvine.  These would be replaced by new readers on the new copiers.
  26. I just need to know how these may or may not be incorporated into the future state design.  Can you just let me know if these are required in the future state?  If so, for what purpose and on what devices they're being used today?
    • They will not be used as they are part of the existing Toshiba Copiers.  As stated on the RFP, all new copiers will be required to have RFID readers on them for PaperCut.
  27. On the RFP,  6.1 Appendix 1, you have X's beside Saddle Stich.  Please confirm if saddle stitch finishers are needed or just the standard staple & hole punch.
    • This was an error.  Thank you for asking.  Yes, we ONLY need standard staple & hole punch.  We have no need for saddle stich finisher at any location.


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