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Bus Regulations

Estill County Schools

Transportation Department




The Estill County Board of Education is pleased to provide transportation for your child during the upcoming school year.  Pupil transportation is a vital part of the educational process. Our goal is to provide your child safe transportation to and from school.

The rules and regulations outlined in this document are for your child’s safety and protection. They also will assist bus drivers and assistants who work with your child. These will be strictly enforced and are put in place to assist everyone involved in the transportation process (students, drivers, and assistants). Bus drivers will report infractions to the school principal and bus riding privileges may be withdrawn if students do not abide by the established rules and regulations.



Estill County Schools – Bus Expectations


  1. BE SAFE



Rules and Regulations for School Bus Riders


The following apply to all students who are transported on Estill County school buses:

  1. When waiting at the bus stop, students must stand away from the road where vehicles travel.
  2. While waiting for the bus, respect the property and persons who are residents of the area. Be at the stop five (5) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  3. Do not fight or engage in rough play while waiting on the bus, or while riding the bus.
  4. Do not use profane language, threats, obscenities, disrespectful language, or gestures while waiting on the school bus, on the bus, or after disembarking from the bus.
  5. The throwing of any object on or off the bus is prohibited.
  6. Show consideration and respect for the bus driver, assistant, and your fellow students by refraining from noisy and boisterous conversation or other distracting acts.
  7. Students must not deface or cause damage to a bus in any way. When damage is caused such as cutting, tearing, punching holes in seats, or writing on the bus, the cost of repair or clean-up must be paid by the student performing the act or his parent/guardian.
  8. Tobacco products are not allowed on the bus. This included alternative smoking products as well.
  9. Students cannot save seats for others and the driver shall assign seats to students as is deemed proper.
  10. All principals have the authority when loading and unloading on school grounds.
  11. Any equipment or object considered to be dangerous to the safety and welfare of those aboard, will be prohibited by the bus driver. There must be nothing placed in the aisle or at the front of the bus on the floor. All exits must be free from obstructions at all times. Band instruments and sports equipment will be permitted when they can be held in the student’s lap or placed under the seat of the bus and not obstruct the driver’s view on the boarding and unloading of the bus. Under bus storage may be used when the bus is equipped.
  12. Food / Drink is prohibited on the bus.
  13. No live animals, fuel, explosives or incendiary devices such as matches, lighters, fireworks, gunpowder, or ammunitions are allowed on any bus.
  14. There will be no change in the location of the bus stop or the routing of buses without the approval of the Transportation Director. ONLY WHEN WRITTEN APPROVAL OF PARENT/GUARDIAN AND THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, WILL THE BUS DRIVER ALLOW A STUDENT TO DISEMBARK THE BUS OTHER THAT AT HIS/HER REGULAR BUS STOP.
  15. Students must remain seated at all times and must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  16. Students must depart from the bus in an orderly manner, in single file and students are not allowed to check mailboxes when disembarking. When standing by the front of the bus, students must watch for the driver’s visual direction to cross the roadway.
  17. Students shall not have in their possession any type of unauthorized weapon or dangerous articles which might be used as a weapon or is commonly accepted as a weapon. Students shall not use any articles as a weapon, regardless of whether it is commonly accepted as such.
  18. Students are not allowed to play with any pointed objects such as pens, pencils, compasses, etc. while on the bus.




Levels of Misconduct are listed below followed by examples and suggested response options. Principals have the authority to proceed to response III through IV if the infraction is considered serious. When students are suspended from the bus, school attendance is still required and parents must provide transportation. You are urged to review this information with your child. Bus drivers and classroom teachers will also go over bus expectations with each child to make sure everyone is working together to provide the safest, most efficient mode of transportation available to st

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