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Letter from the DPP

Every day, all day

I’ve got a New Year’s resolution for both parents and children, “Make it your goal to get to school on time every day and stay all day.” No excuses, just make it happen! Our kids’ futures depend on it. Think about it this way, when students miss school, they lose out on instruction. Lost instructional time due to missed class is impossible to make up. You might be able to make up the work for a grade, but that is not close to receiving the actual instruction. Our teachers and staff are very good! They plan out the day and work very hard on instruction, don’t miss it! 

Statistics show a child who misses ten days of instruction, will test an average of one grade level behind their peers who rarely miss. This is easily curable, be at school every day, all day. Our schools are going to feed children twice, give them a chance to interact and make friends,  instruct them with new skills, and keep them safe!  We are going to keep them from 8:00 until 3:00 five days a week to do this. Parents don’t have to worry, the schools are well ran and have things under control. Accept no excuses, send kids to school every day, all day!

If you don’t? I’m coming to see you and figure out how we can make it happen!  Once a student has accumulated 3 unexcused absences or tardies, they are considered truant. After 6 unexcused absences or tardies, Kentucky’s compulsory attendance laws (KRS 159.150) state that court proceedings against the parent and/or student may be forthcoming. I try to work with students/parents but when that doesn’t work, I have to go after parents.  In Estill County, we charge elementary aged student parents with Unlawful Transaction with a Minor, third degree. This almost always results in a guilty plea and jail time.  Middle/high school students are treated differently. I charge the students with truancy and they have to report to the court designated worker (CDW). This is a six month period of supervision by the court, commonly referred to as diversion. If students, complete the program successfully, charges are dismissed. If not, students are sent on to court for prosecution for truancy and a failed diversion. Finally, 16 or 17 year old students with a driver’s license may lose their privilege if they have nine or more unexcused absences or are failing more than one class.

To avoid any of these repercussions, here are some tips:  1. Make doctor’s appointments early in the morning or late in the afternoon and encourage checking in  2. Parents should monitor student attendance regularly, the schools will provide record upon request  3. “ Not feeling good” should be backed up by a fever or other visible signs  4. No transportation is not acceptable, call the school and we will provide  5. Ask doctor about signing form for Home Health (Homebound) services if child is going to be out more than 3 days (the child is actually counted present and the school sends out teacher during this period).

Any questions, 

Dickie Arthur

Pupil Personnel Director/Safe Schools

Estill County Schools


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