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  • Alert: This is a reminder that the district wide tobacco and vaping ban begins on January 1, 2020. All Estill County School Property will be smoke-free & tobacco free environments! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jeff Saylor, Superintendent, or Erika Adams, District Health Services Coordinator.
  • School Closings/Delays: January 23, 2020 Press Release: Estill County Schools RE: Estill County Schools will be closed Friday, January 24th and Monday, January 27th. After monitoring attendance the past few days and several conversations with local health care providers, I have decided that the best course of action for the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is cancel school on Friday, January 24th and Monday, January 27th. All schools will be closed during this time. Only Administration, Custodians and CO Personnel are allowed in the building. Also, it does not benefit us to call off school if we allow extracurricular activities to continue, so beginning this evening at 6pm and continuing until Monday afternoon at 4:00pm, all games, practices and activities with the exception of the following activities will be canceled. Thursday, January 23rd - ECHS Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Team Practice Saturday, January 25th - ECHS District Governors Cup at Owsley County Saturday, January 25th - District Honors Band Performance at Bourbon County Sunday, January 26th - ECHS Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Team Practice All gyms and sports facilities will be closed and no one is allowed to use our facilities for any events. All schools will reopen on Tuesday morning, January 28th, at 8am. I hope our students, their families and our staff take this time to get better.
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Senior Trip General Information


  • 1 suitcase that you can carry….no larger than a medium size (26 – 27”)
  • 1 small tote bag/carryon to be stored  on the bus in the overhead compartment
  • small carry on (backpack size or small 6-pack cooler for under your feet)
  • Small blanket & pillow allowed (no sharing)
  • Drinks in plastic container with screw top bottles. No cans, cups with lids, plastic juice pouch or glass containers are allowed.



  • Photo ID this is required at some places like the Naval Academy
  • Small umbrella, rain coat, or poncho.
  • Walking shoes-no flip-flops on all day walks!! Bring good shoes!!
  • Jacket and/or sweatshirt. Senior tee shirt for the Senior Trip photo.
  • 1 dress outfit (dress code applies) - Khakis and a dress or polo shirt for guys & a dress or pant suit for girls (spray on wrinkle reducer will help save you ironing). No tee shirts and jeans please for the cruise!!
  • DVD movies rated PG-13 


  • School dress code applies with small exceptions. If you are asked to change just do it…..don’t argue


  • You must wear shoes at all times on the Dinner Cruise. They do not allow you to take off your shoes so when dressing keep this in mind.
  • The Pizza place is a restaurant and you never know if before we get there a glass has been dropped on. So we suggest that you keep your shoes on there too!


  • Minimum $100 Maximum $200…. you have 6 meals to buy and any snacks. Also money for any souvenirs that you may purchase on the trip.

Respect Others

  • Employees at our National Historical Areas take their jobs very seriously. Do what they ask you to do and always be respectful even if you don’t like it.
  • When on the streets of DC remember you are in a public area with a diverse population so watch your comments…..no racial slurs
  • Be nice to everyone!! We want people to compliment your class!!


  • Friday  before and Monday after attendance is mandatory unless you have a doctor’s note

Smoking & Dipping

  • There is NO smoking or dipping allowed on the trip. This is a tobacco free trip.
  • All hotel rooms are smoke free rooms. There is a large hotel fine ($200.00) if you smoke in the room that will be billed to all students in the room for a cleaning cost to refresh the room by the hotel. Also dipping on the bus will incur a clean up fee.
  • If a student is caught using tobacco at any time on the trip then they will be subject to disciplinary actions listed in the student hand book and/or determined by the school administration.


Things you will be sent home for-

  • Drugs (possession or use) we will call the police and have you tested,  They will deal with you
  • Alcohol (possession or use) we will test you
  • Nudity and/or sexual activity
  • Stealing


Other things for you to remember or do

  • NO KNIVES – These will be taken and not given back to you
  • If you eat someplace other than an fast food restaurant please remember to tip 15% to 20%
  • Bring your own Tylenol and sunscreen. Turn in all prescription medication to teacher when you first check in.
  • If you remove things from the hotel you are responsible for the cost of any missing hotel staples or fixtures. 
  • Keep your ID with you at all times.


While we are on the Trip

  • Be on time. If you are late then everyone misses out because we have to waste time looking for you.
  • You must enter and exit the bus quickly at times. When asked be ready and Move IT.
  • Do what you are asked by your chaperones. We are here to help and organize the trip for you.
  • Have a great trip one that the Class of 2016 will remember for a lifetime!!


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